Vice President Encourages Media and Political Parties to Maintain Tranquility in the 2024 Elections

Vice President Encourages Media and Political Parties to Maintain Tranquility in the 2024 Elections

Jakarta, Nusantaratalk.Id usantaratalk.Id - The General Election in 2024 is just around the corner.

In relation to this, Vice President K.H. Ma'ruf Amin emphasized the importance of the role of media and political parties in maintaining tranquility and integrity in the upcoming 2024 elections. In the context of media, he believes that accessibility and transparency of information are crucial elements in determining the success of conducting honest, peaceful, and democratic elections.

"Broadcast media holds a strategic position in enhancing citizens' political literacy and education in a healthy manner, providing knowledge to choose qualified leaders, steering clear of money politics and identity politics, and prioritizing unity and harmony," said the Vice President during his speech at the Peak Night of the 12th Anniversary of Kompas TV at the Golden Ballroom, The Sultan Hotel, Gatot Subroto, Tanah Abang, Jakarta, Monday (11/09/2023).

Furthermore, the Vice President also highlighted the role of television media in disseminating information related to the elections while emphasizing its responsibility in avoiding the spread of fake news (hoaxes) and slander.

"This is where national private television plays a significant role in broadcasting various information related to the elections, while also encouraging the public to participate in the success of the elections, maintaining a conducive climate, respecting differences in choices and political views, and not spreading information that is hoax, slander, black campaigns, and divisive, including on social media," he stated.

Furthermore, as an institution that utilizes public frequencies, the Vice President also emphasized the importance of national broadcasting organizers maintaining neutrality, especially by not endorsing any particular party or candidate.

"The media should operate in a balanced manner. Cover both sides, and comply with the regulations of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, the Election Supervisory Board, and other legislation," he urged.

In addition, on this occasion, the Vice President also called on political parties (parpol) as participants in the elections to continue promoting tranquility in every stage of the elections. Furthermore, as institutions that also play a role in providing political education to the public, the Vice President encouraged political parties to maintain a peaceful atmosphere that will enhance public participation and understanding of political differences.

"I also urge political parties to always bring tranquility in the lead-up to the elections. All stages leading up to the elections should be conducted in a peaceful situation, so that the public can witness and enjoy the enjoyable democratic process wrapped in national unity," he conveyed.

Finally, the Vice President also reminded the General Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Board as the organizers of the elections, including all levels of bureaucracy, the TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces), and the Polri (Indonesian National Police) to maintain neutrality and prevent fraud that could damage the credibility of the 2024 elections.

"Ensure that there is no bias and fraud that could diminish the credibility and accountability of the elections. If there are complaints and the like, they should be processed through mechanisms in accordance with applicable legislation," he concluded.

Source: https://www.kominfo.go.id/



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